Keys to success - My favorite quotes


In this section I want to share with you what I beleive to be the keys to success. To do so I will quote and analize the frases of great figures, both from our history and from our present.

All this people have demonstrated to be extraordinary in some way and have been able to reach outstanding goals in different facets of life. Their advice can help us in making valuable distinctions to build our own path to successs. I will add my own interpretation of their words and I look forward to read your comments based on your own experiences.

(Warren Buffett. Economist)

 Alejandro Betancourt's favorite quotes: Integrity by Warren Buffett 

Along the journey of our lives, we cannot avoid finding ourselves at critical moments, in which we have to use all our personal and material resources to reach a successful outcome.

It is these testing moments where a person’s true potential is revealed. These trials help us to really learn about both ourselves and others.

These are moments that show everyone the truth and the caliber of our behavior.



(Henry Ford, Founder of Ford, 20th century)

 Alejandro Betancourt's favorite quotes: Henry Ford on Failure 

Failure makes us stop, analyze what went wrong, identify what can be done better, define a new strategy and act on it.

We shouldn’t lose self-esteem because of failure; it should be a moment for reflection and analysis. Every failure should be a new beginning, starting off from a more solid basis, learning from the experience of the previous failure.

If we manage to turn failure into a better starting point for a new challenge, we are on the road to success.