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It is expected that in the next years, there will be more than 2 billion users registered in e-commerce platforms worldwide, projecting incomes close to one thousand 328 million dollars. According to Goldman Sachs, average expenses per user will increase to 514 dollars next year (2018), which makes this kind of commerce unlimited, since it will not stop growing until becoming one of the main industries, boosted by changes in consumer habits and technology advance, so that there are more devices connected to the net. These four facts show e-commerce growth:

1. China gives it all importance: Alibaba, the Asian electronic commerce giant, improved revenues of 7,403 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2017, increasing 56% in regard to the same period in 2016.

2. Walmart and e-commerce: This American giant recently acquired the men’s clothing company Bonobos for 310 million dollars to reinforce this area,  obtaining results just between April and July this year for 123,400 billion dollars; an increase of 2.1% in regard to last year. 

3. Amazon worries: As I wrote in my previous article, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer based in the United States and with the highest billing related to e-commerce. Just in 2016, it reported revenues of 139,990 billion dollars. Amazon knows they could be stranded if they do not revamp their strategies; that is why they want to diversify their services and products with the recent launch of ‘Instant pickup’, a series of locations for ‘order receptions’ in several cities in the United States, as a pilot program to add an innovative ingredient and risk in their equation of e-commerce.

4. Artificial intelligence on e-commerce: Addition of artificial intelligence to the world of businesses is not just a simple projection or science fiction fantasy, since e-commerce is seen as the most appropriate platform to commercialize. Last month, Sokadi, a company founded by Amazon ex-workers, launched a platform focused on marketing for e-commerce and analytics, which operates based on artificial intelligence.


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